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Kitchen Tips and Tricks


Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Jan 14, 2018 2687

How to Store Dry Fruits Longer (خشک میوہ جات لمبے رصے تک رکھنا)

Store dry fruits (almonds, cashew, pistachios etc) in any airtight container and place in fridge. This will help them stay fresh longer and will taste better.

Save salt from moisture (نمک دانی کےنمک کو سیلن سے بچانے کاطریقہ)

Salt in salt sprinkler usually became moistened very soon. For solution of this problem add some rice in the salt container, shake well and your moisture free salt is here. 

Storing Green Chilies for longer (سبز مرچیں لمبے عرصے تک کیسے محفوظکی جائیں)

Storing green chilies remains a problem of every kitchen as they rotten very quickly. For this problem first wash and dry the chilies and then remove their heads. This way they will remain fresh longer time in the fridge.

Making Oil Spray for Low Calories Recipes (آئل سپرے بنانے کا طریقہ)

Some baking recipes requires oil spray and it can be made easily at home. Just take a spray bottle, add 1 tablespoon of any cooking oil in it along with 3 tablespoon of water. Shake it ell and your cooking spray is ready.

How to Save Flour from Insects (میدے کو کیڑوں سے بچانے کا طریقہ)

All purpose flour or maida gets quickly flour insects in it. Store the flour in fridge for avoiding this problem and the flour will even remain fresh longer.

Save Milk from Getting Rotten in Summers (دودھ کو پھٹنے سے بچانا)

In summer fresh milk tends to get spoiled very quickly. Just add 2 pinches of baking soda in 1 liter quantity of milk and then boil it. This way the milk will not get rotten.

Make perfect less sour yogurt (ہلکے کھٹے دہی کو پرفیکٹ کرنا)

Add 1/4 cup of milk in 1 cup yogurt. Mix it and it will taste perfect for raita or lassi.

How to store semolina (سوجی سٹور کرنے کا طریقہ)

Soji/semolina tends to get insects very quickly. So store it any airtight bag in the fridge. If you have less space in fridge then dry roast the semolina till golden and then store it in any airtight container.

Storing Banana in 2 ways (کیلوں کو محفوظ کرنے کے 2 طریقے)

1. cut banana in small pieces and store in freezer. These frozen banana can be used in custard trifle or any kind of banana shake.

2. Bananas discharge ethylene gas through their stems. The more gas that is delivered, the riper the natural product. So by covering the ends of the stems with a plastic wrap or aluminum foil, will reduce the chances of getting banana ripped quickly.

Protect Rice and Lentils from Insects (دال اور چاولوں کو کیڑوں سے بچانے کا طریقہ )

Add few neem leaves نیم کے پتے  in your rice or lentil to protect them from insects.

To preserve Sugar from Ants (چینی کو چیونٹیوں سے بچائیں)

Add few luang/cloves pieces in sugar to save it from ants. If there are already ants in sugar then leave the lid little bit open so that ants should left the sugar.

To Sharp the Blades of Mixi (مکسی کے بلیڈز کو تیز کرنے کا طریقہ)

Add some salt in mixi and run it for 1-2 minutes. You can also sharp the blades of your chopper or blender this way.

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