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Pumpkin Puree in Microwave

..Pumpkin Puree in Microwave
  • Serves: 2 People
  • Prep Time: 1 Minutes
  • Cooking: 4 Minutes
  • Calories: 42
  • Difficulty: easy

Pumpkin puree is very commonly used in baking desserts. It helps to add nutrition, moisture and texture and it is very versatile in use. Very soon its going to be that time of year when its going to be literally raining pumpkin recipes all around like pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread and what not. You could also use pumpkin in Indian food like kheer, parathas and soups. The good thing about pumpkin puree is, that it doesn't have a very assertive smell or flavor so it gets very easily disguised in pretty much anything, so its great to use it in both sweet and savory stuff. Living in dorm where you only have microwave as basic cooking or heating source making pumpkin puree for any sweet or savory food is very difficult. Most of the time student's prefer the canned pumpkin puree. Now you don't need to worry about canned thing as the fresh one is very easy to make and it tastes great too. It is dorm friendly pumpkin puree in microwave that can be prepared easily in minutes. Store this microwave pumpkin puree in any airtight container in the refrigerator for later use. This pumpkin puree in microwave can also be easily stored in the freezer by dividing it in 1 cup measurement and adding in freezer safe bags for later easier use. I used a small portion of pumpkin for making this dorm room pumpkin puree in microwave as I required only 1/2 cup of it, you may make the puree as much as you need.



  1. Remove the stem of pumpkin and divide it half, then again in slices as per size you required for making puree.

  2. Scoop out the seed and fiber spot of pumpkin with a spoon before making puree. Do not remove the peel of pumpkin.

  3. Place the pumpkin wedge in microwave safe bowl, cover the bowl, microwave it (on high power) for about 4 minutes. I used 900 watts microwave and the cooking time may vary depending on the wattage of your microwave and also the quantity of pumpkin.

  4. Once it is cooked cool it completely, then peel the skin.

  5. Puree the peeled pumpkin using food processor, hand masher or a potato ricer.

  6. Vey easy pumpkin puree in microwave is ready.

  7. ____________ Note: Be very careful while making pumpkin puree in microwave as 1 extra minute will make the texture of pumpkin dried, rubbery and unusable.  

  8. If you are making puree of large quantity or from bigger size of pumpkin some parts of it may remain un cooked so you may need to remove those before making puree. 

  9. Strain the puree to remove the fiber for smooth texture. 

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