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Mutton Rosh Quetta Recipe

Mutton Rosh Quetta Recipe-niftyfoodz Mutton Rosh Quetta Recipe-niftyfoodz Mutton Rosh Quetta Recipe-niftyfoodz Mutton Rosh Quetta Recipe-niftyfoodz Mutton Rosh Quetta Recipe-niftyfoodz
  • Serves: 11 People
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking: 4 Minutes
  • Calories: 847
  • Difficulty: easy

Rosh or Namkeen Gosht is a traditional recipe of Balochistan and Peshawar. It is made with lamb meat traditionally but here we are going to make it with mutton. Roosh is a mutton dish and one of the favorite cuisine of Pashtun /Pathan of the region. It is joint of lamb or goat served with lassi (yogurt drink) daal and french fries. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan rosh is called namkeen gosht and also in the adjoining regions like Afghanistan, the tribal belt and central Asia where dished similar to our namkeen gosht or mutton rosh are still enjoyed today.Namkeen gosht is the wrod derived from Urdu language which means salty meat. Although mutton rosh have so many different names in different areas but still it is the dish that enjoyed by every Pakistani in every area. Also although mutton rosh or lamb rosh is the trademark dish of two of our provinces yet each city, town and village has its own special way of putting it together.

The mutton or lamb rosh recipe provides relief during winter season from cold. The mutton rosh Quetta recipe is mild in spices and a good source of animal protein and fats. In our family we used to drink the gravy (shorba) of the rosh during winter. An amazing meat recipe that is loved by people all over the Pakistan. It falls in the category of namkeen gosht and tastes exceptionally well. Mutton rosh or mutton namkeen gosht can be a part of your Eid ul Adha menu and you can serve it as a main dish in your dinner.



  1. Wash the meat and then rub salt over it. The reason behind rubbing the salt is that it will help the meat to release its water.
  2. Cut the fat of meat (charbi) in small pieces and place in the bottom of a big pan in which you are going to cook the rosh.
  3. Place the meat as a layer over the fat layer.
  4. Add tomato and onion in the meat, put dar chini, adrak and sabit kali mirch as well. We will remove adrak (ginger) after cooking so do not cut it in small pieces.
  5. Cover the pan and place some heavy weight over it so that steam should not go out. Let the meat cook in its own water and fat for 2 hours. Check it after 1 hour. The flame should be low. We need to cook the meat until it is completely tender. It can take about 2 to 2;30 hours.
  6. After the meat is completely cooked add green chilies (Sabut hari mirchain) and cover the pan again. Steam cook for another 10 minutes so that aroma of green chilies added in the rosh.
  7. Tasty Quetta rosh is ready to serve along with naan.
  8. _______________Note: You can add water as required if you want more gravy or if you feel that meat is getting dry before it is cooked completely.
  9. This is the original recipe of Quetta Rosh. I used about 5 kg meat in cooking but i provided recipe of less meat so don't get confused with the pics if you feel that quantity of meat is different then written recipe.
  10. The only difference between Peshawar and Balochi rosh is of Potato. If you add few potatoes in the meat it will become Peshawari Rosh recipe.
  11. Adjust the quantity of salt as per your requirement but do not add chilies in it as this recipe do not have chili flavor in it.

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