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Rice Kheer with Homemade Khoya

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..Rice Kheer with Homemade Khoya
  • Serves: 9 People
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking: 190 Minutes
  • Calories: 1645
  • Difficulty: easy

Kheer is a Pakistani/Indian rice pudding, a traditional dessert cum sweet prepared in many households on any occasion. Chawal ki kheer is known by various names around India like skheer, rice payasam. Kheer is not just any rice pudding in which you quickly cook rice in sweet milk. Kheer is slow cooked in sweetened milk for couple of hours, infused with cardamom and stirred with care. Staying true to the authentic version of this rice pudding I slow cooked it and did not added condensed milk in it. There are so many kheer recipes on internet some claims quick kheer or instant kheer but I prefer it slow cooked. My family feels the labor and love that I added while making traditional kheer for them. I have  shared a detailed step by step recipe of how to make eid special kheer at you home with homemade khoya recipe. I have also shared the recipe of homemade khoya/mawa with dry milk powder for your ease.



  1. In a large pot add milk and let it boil.

  2. Meanwhile in a blender add soaked rice, toast and 1/2 cup of milk. Blend the rice coarsely do not make fine paste. There should be some grain of rice remaining.

  3. When the milk boils, stir it.

  4. Now add the blended mixture in it, stir it and now let the milk and mixture cook on medium low flame. Stir occasionally.

  5. Add cardamom powder in the milk and mix it well.

  6. Mean while we will prepare khoya. In a frying pan add ghee and let it melt.

  7. Add milk and stir it as well. The flame should be medium high.

  8. Add milk powder in it and continuously stir so that lumps should not form.

  9. Now let the khoya cook till it thickens. Stir the khoya occasionally.

  10. When the khoya starts to leave the pan it is ready. Take it out and set aside.

  11. Continue cooking the kheer on low flame for 1-2 hours, after the time you will see the kheer mixture will be thickened and it starts to make big bubbles with splitter.

  12. Add sugar and chopped nuts of your choice in the kheer at this moment.

  13. Let the kheer cook as the sugar will make it thin and then again it will thicken. This process will take almost 8-10 minutes. Flame should be medium high. At this moment be careful as you may get burn from the splitter because the moisture is dried out from kheer.

  14. At this moment add prepared khoya in the kheer. Stir it well.

  15. After 2-3 minutes khoya will be completely melted and the kheer is ready.

  16. Turn off the flame and let it come to the room temperature, then take it out in the serving dish and garnish with chopped nuts and silver warq as per your choice.

  17. Chill before serving.

  18. Pakistani style rice kheer is ready to enjoy.

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