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Edible Cookie Dough in a Mug

..Edible Cookie Dough in a Mug
  • Serves: 2 People
  • Prep Time: 2 Minutes
  • Cooking: 1 Minutes
  • Calories: 252
  • Difficulty: easy

Edible cookie dough is sweet and delicious and I am sure no one could resist eating a spoon full of this. Its just sweet nostalgic comfort food and perfect in every way. Eggless cookie dough for one is an edible chocolate chip cookie dough that you can whip up in minutes for a perfect safe cookie dough treat. Being a college student makes you crave a lot of sweet, salty, chocolaty, creamy desserts. It is hard to make these sweet tooth desserts when you are living in the regular dorm building on campus. You don't always have access to oven and it is difficult to bake. This recipe of edible cookie dough in a mug is an easy recipe and you required no baking oven for this. This 1 minute chocolate chip mug cookie is perfect to reward yourself or someone else with a little treat. This single serving edible cookie dough is the perfect solution for your chocolate craving. You can prepare and cook this cookie dough in less than 5 minutes. The great thing about this dorm room edible cookie dough in a mug recipe is that just about anyone could make it, it requires few ingredients and it only takes minutes to make.



  1. Add the flour in a mug and microwave it for 30-45 seconds to pasteurize it. 

  2. Now add both white and brown sugar along with vanilla and pasteurized flour and mix well. The mixture should be smooth and creamy.

  3. Add water or milk if you feel the cookie dough is dry.

  4. Add a pinch of salt and the chocolate chips. (make sure the flour is cooled down before adding chocolate chips otherwise these will melt).

  5. Enjoy your edible cookie dough in a mug in the comfort of your dorm room.

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