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Jau Ka Sattu

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..Jau Ka Sattu
  • Serves: 21 People
  • Prep Time: 40 Minutes
  • Cooking: 10 Minutes
  • Calories: 320
  • Difficulty: easy

Jau ka sattu is a traditional summer drink popular in India and Pakistan, a very healthy, filling, easy to digest and refreshing drink. Jau sattu is made with roasted barley flour and we all are well aware about health benefits of barley (jau). Consumption of Jau ka sattu helps in lowering high cholesterol level and helps to stabilize high blood pressure.  Jau ka sattu aids in weight loss as it is high in fiber and very low in fat. Also jau sattu contains vitamins, minerals and calcium which improve bones heath and teeth. Having a great potential to combat diabetes jau ka sattu reduces the secretion of bile acids and increase the production of insulin. Jau ka sattu eases bowl movement thus prevents constipation, improves immune system and provides help in curing anemia. These are few from a number of heath benefits that jau ka sattu or barley flour provides. Day by day we are getting away from our traditional (desi) food which was full of so many health benefits as per the seasonal requirement. Here I am today sharing with you a simple and traditional recipe of jau ka sattu drink to make it at home. Try this sattu during this summer and beat the heat with nutritional benefits.



  1. In a bowl add jau (barley) and water. Clean the impurities of jau that floats over the water.

  2. Wash jau for few times and strain well to clean all impurities.

  3. Add enough water in jau and soak these for 5-6 hours.

  4. Strain these after soaking, then spread the jau on any kitchen towel or muslin cloth so they get dry completely.

  5. Put a wok on the stove, add barley in it, dry roast on low flame until jau turns brown and start crackling sound continuously. This will take about 18-20 minutes. Stir the barley continuously so they get roasted evenly.

  6. Let the barley cool down completely.

  7. In a grinder add roasted jau and grind to make a fine powder.

  8. Strain the ground jau through a strainer. Keep the fine powder as sattu and regrind the remains of jau to get as much fine barley powder as possible.

  9. Jau ka sattu is ready. You may store in any airtight jar for up to 3 months easily.

  10. For making sattu sharbat (drink), in a glass add jaggery (gurr) powder sattu, water and combine these well.

  11. Add the ice cubes and serve.

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