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Bihari Boti Orangi Town Famous Recipe

Bihari Boti Orangi Town Famous Recipe-niftyfoodz Bihari Boti Orangi Town Famous Recipe-niftyfoodz Bihari Boti Orangi Town Famous Recipe-niftyfoodz
  • Serves: 13 People
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cooking: 45 Minutes
  • Calories: 282
  • Difficulty: easy

Bihari boti or Bihari kabab is a specialty of bihar community of India city. Now its a famous street food of Orangi town Karachi Pakistan. The taste of this boti or kabab is unique in all of other BBQ and kababs. This bihari boti dry roasted on BBQ stove and red hot charcoal. The recipe is very simple and delicious and a very popular dish during BBQ parties. I have described a complete step by step recipe in Urdu and I hope you will enjoy it.



  1. Aik baray bartan mein gosht achi trah dho kar dal din.
  2. Us mein dahi, zarda rang, pisi hari mirchain, pisa hoa piyaz, sarson ka tail, lahsan adrak pisa hoa, pisa hoa kacha papita, namak, dhanya, jaifi javitir, haldi, pisa hoa zeera, garam masala, lal mirch, kali mirch, tatri ye sab dal kr hathon sy achi trah 2-3 minute gosht par mix kar din.
  3. 5-6 ghantay ya pori rat k lye marinate hony k lye chor din.
  4. Marination k bad gosht k tukron ko seekhon par laga lin. Botiyan sath sath jor k lagain fasla na din.
  5. BBQ grill (angethi) ko garam kar lin. aur seekhain us par laga din. Hm ny gosht ko darmiyani sy halki aanch par pakana hy ziada taiz aanch nhn krni. Jitni halki aanch hogi utna gala hoa aur acha gosht hoga.
  6. Sath sath palatatay rhaian aur jab botiyan golden brown ho jain tu utar lin.
  7. Bihari boti tayar haye hari chatni ya raita k sath serve krain.

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