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Irani Kebab Koobideh

..Irani Kebab Koobideh
  • Serves: 11 People
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cooking: 20 Minutes
  • Calories: 1064
  • Difficulty: medium

Irani kebab also called Kabob, Koobideh or Lule Kabab. Iranian cuisine is rich in flavors but comparatively less in spices than Pakistani or Indian cuisine. Persian food is very easy to prepare. These Persian kababs are traditionally served with saffaron rice in Iran but today I am sharing here only the recipe of Kababs. BBQ items are very famous in Pakistani food and during winter season we love to enjoy BBQ with our friends and family. These Irani kebab koobideh are very soft, succulent and has a melt in the mouth texture. The secret lies in the amount of fat that we used in the mince. Give these Irani chicken kababs a try as I have shared a step by step recipe of how to make koobeideh at hone easily. Also for ease of everyone I have shared recipe of Irani kebab in Urdu and hindi as well.



  1. finely chop onion and tomato and strain the excess water out.

  2. With the help of a chopper finely grind the beef and mutton mince again so that it came to fine consistency,

    Take both mince out in a mixing bowl and combine together.

  3. Add chopped fresh coriander, salt, coarsely grind cumin seeds, turmeric, black pepper powder and mix everything well for 4-5 minutes.

  4. Cover the bowl and let the mince marinate in fridge for 1 to 2 hours.

  5. After marination dip your hand in water, take a handful of mince mixture and shape it around a flat kabab skewer with finger dents on it.

  6. Grill these on BBQ grill for 10 minutes on each side.

    In 20 minutes the kababs will be ready. Do not brush any oil or ghee on these kababs during cooking as we have used fat in the mince and that will be enough for making these kababs moist and for perfectly cooking.

  7. When kababs are cooked take out of skewers and serve.

  8. Juicy and delicious Irani kebab koobideh are ready to enjoy.

    ________________Note: You can also bake these kababs in oven. Pre heat the oven at 250 °C, place the kababs in the oven on the top grill or close to the top grill, cook for 10 minutes from each side and in 20 minutes the kababs will be ready.

  9. _______________Urdu Recipe_______________

  10. Piyaz aur tamatar bareek kat len aur daba daba kr chalni mein sy achi trah inka pani nikal din.

  11. Gaye aur bakray k qeemay ko chopper mn dal kar achi trah bareek kr ln aur dono ko aik bowl mn nikal k mila lin.

    Ab is mein bareek kata hara dhanya, namak, kuta hoa safaid zeera, haldi aur pisi hoi kali kirch dal din.

    4-5 mint tak achi trah masala keema min mix krn.

  12. Bowl ko dhak din aur keema ko fridge min aik se 2 ghantay mrinate hony k lye chor din.

  13. Marination hony kay bad keema nikalain, apna hath pani sy geela kr ln aur kabab ka qeema hath mn ly kar chapti kabab ki seekhon par lagain aur lamba kabab bna ln jis pay unglion k nishan banay hon.

  14. BBQ grill par in kababon ko grill kar lin, 10 mint main aik side say kabab pak jain gay tu un ki side badal din.

    20 mint min kabab mukamal tor pay pak jain gay.

  15. Kababon py mazid oil ya ghee brush na karin kun k ham nay is kay keema min charbi ka istamal kia hay jis ki waja sy kabab naram banain gay aur achi tarah pakain gy.

  16. Jab kabab pak jain unhain skewer say utar lin aur paish krain.

    _______________Note: Ap in kababon ko oven min bhi bana saktay hain, 250 °C par oven ko pahlay sy garam kar lin, phr oper wali grill k pas kababs rakhaian aur 10 minute aik side sy paknay dain, phir side badal din, 20 minute main kabab dono traf sy ban k tayar hon gay.

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