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Chicken Gola Kabab

..Chicken Gola Kabab
  • Serves: 41 People
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cooking: 20 Minutes
  • Calories: 40000
  • Difficulty: easy

Gola Kababs are mouth-melting, oval-shaped kebabs that are cooked with Pakistani spices and are incredibly juicy. They are traditionally grilled on charcoal but can also be cooked in a pan. In Pakistan the frozen type of chicken gola kabab that we usually get from market are steam cooked but they are not very budget friendly and also no as per taste of everyone.This recipe of succulent Pakistani Gola Kebab is the perfect addition to your Bakrah Eid (Eid-ul-Adha) menu. Their exotic taste and softness with beef or mutton makes them very addictive, but if you don't like red meat, you can replace with chicken mince as well. Gola Kebab is a Middle Eastern dish consisting of pieces of meat that can be marinated to taste and then grilled, skewered or cooked over a heat source. This is one of the premium side dishes to serve to your guests and it doesn't take much effort to make it. This amazing recipe of chicken gola kabab that I am sharing today is just like the frozen or market based gola kababs. As life is getting busier day by day frozen food use is widely spreading in Pakistan. I am sharing this commercial style chicken gola kabab recipe in urdu that you can make and freeze as well. Without using any preservatives you may freeze these gola kababs for almost 3 months easily.



  1. Cut the chicken breast roughly in medium to small pieces.

  2. In a chopper add onion, ginger slices, garlic cloves and finely chop these.

  3. Add vinegar now and blend it with vegetables well.

  4. Do not stop the chopper and gradually add ghee in it. Vinegar that we already added will help to immensify the ghee well.

  5. Add green chilies, salt, red chili powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, dry milk powder, blend these well.

  6. Now add chicken pieces and grind it well to a fine mixture. The mixture will be sticky and ghee and all vegetables will be fully combined with chicken. Take this gola kabab mixture out of chopper.

  7. Spread a cling film over the working surface.

  8. Grease your hands with oil, put over the cling film about 110 grams of gola kabab mixture, put a skewer in the middle and wrap the cling film carefully covering the kabab mixture. Keep in  ind the cling film should not come in the folding layers of kabab masala. Roll tightly.

  9. Tie both ends of the cling film and skewer with a string to seal it perfectly. This will look like a sausage shape at this stage.

  10. Now divide this large gola kabab in small pieces by tying knots of string on small portions of the skewer. (check the picture for reference).

  11. Repeat the same process with complete gola kabab mixture.

  12. We need a large cooking pot for cooking these gola kababs so that skewers may dip in it completely. I used pressure cooker filled completely with water. Let the water boil on high flame.

  13. After the boiling starts turn the flame to low (but the boil should remain in water). Dip the gola kabab skewers in this water and let these cook for 12-15 minutes.

  14. After this time take these out and let these kababs come to the room temperature.

  15. Cut the string knots, remove the cling film and take out in the dish.Cooking of gola kababs is complete at this stage.

  16. For adding golden brown color on the top, heat cooking oil in  a frying pan and fry the kababs for 3-4 minutes.

  17. Juicy and commercial style chicken gola kabab are ready.

  18. _________ Note: After the gola kababs are cooked in boiling water you can store these at this stage for up to 3 months easily. When ever required take out, shallow fry to give these a perfect color on top and serve.

  19. For exact frozen gola kababs light shade, remove red chili from the mixture and increase the quantity of green chilies.

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