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Dorm Room Microwave Vegetable Sandwich

..Dorm Room Microwave Vegetable Sandwich
  • Serves: 3 People
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking: 7 Minutes
  • Calories: 499
  • Difficulty: easy

Cooking can be a fun activity when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Eating shouldn't be your coping mechanism every time something goes wrong, but it's perfectly okay to whip up some delicious (sometimes not so healthy) food when you're down. However, this can be difficult at times in college.

You might think living in a college dorm means the end of good cooking and a steady diet of bad cafeteria food and Pop-Tarts, but if you have a microwave in your dorm room, you're a pretty incredible home cook with the right recipes.  If you are missing home cooked food or running out of food swipes then don't worry because here on my website I have shared some delicious recipes that you can make in your dorm room. Check so many delicious microwave cooking and mug meals that you can prepare in dorm room easily. All you need is a microwave to make these delicious meals.

Today I am sharing easy dorm room microwave vegetable sandwich recipe that can be prepared with grill mode of microwave. But if your oven doesn't have grill mode option you may microwave the sandwich on high power for 25-30 seconds and enjoy the sandwich. You may customize this microwave grilled sandwich easily by adding vegetables of your choice. 



  1. Peel the carrot and grate it.

  2. Also grate the cabbage and keep it aside.

  3. Peel the cucumber, remove its center part as it has seeds and will release water that will make the sandwich soggy. Grate the cucumber as well.

  4. In a mixing bowl add all these vegetables. Then add mayonnaise, black pepper powder in these vegetables. I have not added extra salt in the vegetables. Mix everything well.

  5. Spread some butter over one side of bread slices and on the other side of slice spread some tomato ketchup. You may even use chili sauce or any other sauce of your choice instead of ketchup. Do this with all 4 slices.

  6. Now spread the prepared filling over the ketchup side of bread slice (do not over fill the bread with filling). Place the second bread slice over the top and make sandwich. Repeat the same process with remaining 2 slices. 

  7. Over the grill rack of microwave place both prepared sandwiches, select the grill mode of microwave and place this grill rack in the microwave. Grill the sandwich for 4 minutes. 

  8. After the time flip the side of sandwiches and grill for another 3 minutes more. 

  9. Crispy and tasty dorm room microwave vegetable sandwich is ready, cut in your desired shape and enjoy.

  10. ___________ Note: Do not forget to switch on the grill mode of microwave otherwise the short circuit will happen due to placing wire rack in microwave.

  11. I have not added extra salt as sauces and mayonnaise used already have salt in it, but if you want to add more salt, its up to you. 

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