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Easy Samosa and Roll Patti with Liquid Dough

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..Easy Samosa and Roll Patti with Liquid Dough
  • Serves: 13 People
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cooking: 15 Minutes
  • Calories: 154
  • Difficulty: easy

Usually we make spring rolls & samosa with manda patti or sheets bought from market. I have already shared the method of making these samosa and spring rolls wraps at home along with method of how to save these sheets. You can check this recipe on my website with the name of unique samosa and roll patti recipe.

Today's recipe is a little bit different as this recipe involves no kneading of the dough and a very easy samosa and rolls sheet making process with liquid dough. I will also share the simple and easy process of making spring rolls with these sheets. We Pakistani use to eat samosa and spring rolls during iftaar time in Ramadan. This homemade samosa and roll patti with liquid dough will give a crunchy taste and texture to your rolls. Do try this recipe and get a lot of appreciation from your family.



  1. Take all purpose flour in a bowl, add salt and powdered sugar in it.

  2. Give a mix to all these things and slowly add water to make a smooth batter. Mix continuously to remove lumps from the batter.For 1 cup of flour we will need almost 1 cup of water.

  3. When the batter is completely formed add cooking oil in it and give a good mix to the batter. 

  4. Take a tablespoon of the batter out for later use in the rolls.

  5. Now a take a non stick pan and do not grease it. Put it on very low flame.

  6. Pour the batter in it and quickly spread it in the pan by moving the pan in circle so that dough could evenly & thinly spread in the pan. Do not pour too much batter in the pan so that sheet could not become thick.

  7. When it is cooked from one side care fully flip the side and cook it from the other side too. Completely cook the sheet as it will give a crispy texture to the rolls while frying later.

  8. Take the sheet out on any wire rack so it do not get soggy and get cold completely.

  9. Use complete batter and make sheets in this way.

  10. _______________ For Rolls Filling________________

  11. Now for making the filling of sprig rolls put oil in a pan, add cabbage, carrot, capsicum, eggs in it.Add salt and fry the vegetables on high flame.

  12. Add white pepper powder, chili sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper powder, chicken powder and spring onion in the vegetables. Cook the vegetables for 2-3 minutes do not over cook these.

  13. Our spring rolls filing is ready, let it cool down completely before making the rolls.

  14. Take a sheet and put the filling in it, give it a fold from upper side of sheet then wrap the sides over it and then fold the sheet completely into a roll shape.

  15. Seal the last end of roll with the batter that we save early.

  16. Make all the spring rolls in this way.

  17. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the spring rolls .

  18. Easy wrap with liquid dough and spring rolls are ready to enjoy.

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Easy wrap with liquid dough and spring rolls homemade samosa and roll patti with liquid dough easy samosa and rolls sheet making process with liquid dough Easy Samosa and Roll Patti with Liquid Dough