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Instant Peda

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..Instant Peda
  • Serves: 7 People
  • Prep Time: 5 Minutes
  • Cooking: 5 Minutes
  • Calories: 103
  • Difficulty: easy

Milk Peda is a popular Indian sweet that is usually made on special occasions and festivals. Milk peda is traditionally made from milk and sugar, but it is very time consuming. Instant quick milk peda is a quick version of the traditional Peda. This is an easy and quick instant pada recipe made with milk powder, ghee and milk. This sweet has a fudge-like base of milk powder and has a semi-thick and semi-soft in texture. It's not as much sweet as the traditional version of peda. If we prepare it in the traditional way, the base takes a long time to cook. In addition, it takes efforts to take care not to let it burn. Also, it takes a lot of physical exertion to stir the mixture for making traditional peda. Making instant peda with milk powder will greatly reduce your time and effort. It will also be a handy recipe for you to offer to your friends and family whenever needed. Do give this instant peda recipe a try and enjoy the celebrations.



  1. Put a non stick pan on low flame.
  2. Add ghee, milk powder, powder sugar and milk in it and continuously mix so that no lumps form.
  3. Slowly the mixture will start thickening.
  4. When the mixture leave the pan turn off the flame and put the pan aside. Let the mixture cool slightly.
  5. Prepare the pedas when the mixture is still warm
  6. With the hep of a teaspoon take some mixture on the palm of hand and give it a ball shape.
  7. Slightly press in the middle and put sliced almond or pistachio in it.
  8. Prepare all the pedas and serve.

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