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Kabuli Pulao

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..Kabuli Pulao
  • Serves: 11 People
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cooking: 90 Minutes
  • Calories: 408
  • Difficulty: easy

As the name suggests Kabuli pulao is is the incredible dish from Afghanistan. Kabuli pulao is a light and aromatic dish made with lab, beef, poultry or other meat, jeweled with carrots and raisins is the delicious dish of Afghanistan. Kabuli pulao is a special occasion food in Afghanistan. Some spell it kabuli palaw, qabli pilau, whatever you may call it its absolutely drool worthy and i dare you to give it a try.

Kabuli pulao is commonly served on weddings and special occasions. Many say that the dish began in the upper class families of Afghanistan who could afford to add delicacies such as raisins and nuts to their meals. How ever with the passage of time this dish has became more common and is now considered the national dish of Afghanistan. There is a joke in Afghanistan that a women cannot get married unless she has perfect her kabuli pulao recipe.

Here I am sharing with you namak mandi Peshawar recipe of kabuli pulao or beef Afghani pulao recipe, a bakra eid special kabuli pulao recipe. Do give it a try this bakra eid and enjoy the appreciation of your family.



  1. In a pressure cooker add the beef, black cardamom and cumin seeds.

  2. Add water, cover the pressure cooker, cook for 17-18 minutes after the whistle starts.

  3. Turn off the flame and let the steam out completely then open the lid of cooker. Remember the meat should be 100% cooked here.The quantity of remaining stock should be about 2.5 liters.

  4. Now in a wide pot add ghee along with onion. Fry the onions till light brown color.

  5. Add sliced tomatoes in the onions and cook till the tomatoes are completely soft and made a gravy.  Add 2-3 tablespoon of stock that we already prepared for making gravy.

  6. After gravy is made add boiled beef in it and fry it in the onion masala well.

  7. Then add 2.5 liters in it and let it come to the boil. (Taste the rice at this stage add more salt if required).

  8. Drain the water from soaked rice and add in the boiling stock, cover the pot, let the rice cook on medium high flame.

  9. Meanwhile prepare the toppings for rice. In a frying pan add some cooking oil along with carrots and raisins. Cook for 3-4 minutes on medium high flame and keep these aside.

  10. When the water is almost dried from rice, add the fried toppings in it.

  11. Cover the pot lid with wet kitchen towel, put this covered lid on the pot, turn the flame to very low and steam cook the kabuli pualo for 30-35 minutes.

  12. After the time kabuli pulao is cooked perfectly take out the and serve.

  13. _______Note; Salt in kabulipulao is added in stock not in rice that's why we added more salt.

  14. Most recipes of kabuli pulao don't use tomatoes but they are used in kabuli pulao of namak mandi, that's why we used in our recipe.

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