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Khajoor ka Halwa

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Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Khajoor ka Halwa-niftyfoodz
  • Serves: 6 People
  • Prep Time: 20 Minutes
  • Cooking: 20 Minutes
  • Calories: 434
  • Difficulty: easy

A step by step recipe of how to make Khajoor ka Halwa or dates dessert at home easily. It is and Arabian dessert which is very delicious and easy to prepare. I am sharing the recipe with a different style and a Pakistani touch as we used to make this halwa with khajoor and dal channa. Usually people make it during winter season but you can also prepare it for festivals. I hope you will try this recipe and enjoy it.



  1. Wash the dates and remove seeds.
  2. Take a wk and add milk in it.
  3. Add soaked dal in the milk and let it cook on medium flame until it gets tender.
  4. When dal is cooked and milk is dried to some what, turn off the flame and let dal come to room temperature.
  5. Add dates in a choper and chop well.
  6. Also grind dal well after it cools down.
  7. Add ghee in a wok and heat it on medium flame. Add cardamom seeds in it and fry or 1 minute so that arooma should be infused in ghee.
  8. Then add grind dal in it. Roast it on low medium flame and dry the milk completely from dal. Stir it continuously while roasting and after 3-4 minutes dal will soak all the ghee and milk dries away.
  9. Now add grind khajoor (dates) in dal and mix well. Roast the mixture until a nice aroma released from dal. Stir the mixture continuously.
  10. When oil released from mixture then it is fully cooked.
  11. Now add dry fruits sugar and raisin in the halwa and mix well. Cook for 1 more minute, delicious and easy khajoor (dates) halwa is ready to enjoy.
  12. ________________Urdu Recipe_________________
  13. Khajoor ko dho lin aur ghtli nikal lin.
  14. Aik karhai lin aur us mein dodh dal din.
  15. Ab is mein dal dal dn aur darmiyani aanch par tab tak pakain jab tak dal gal na jaye.
  16. Jab dal achi trah gal jaye aur dodh bh thora bach jaye to cholha band kar din aur dal ko thanda kar lin.
  17. Khajooron ko choper mein dal kar achi trah chop kar lin.
  18. Jab dal thandi ho jaye to isy bh pees lin.
  19. Aik pan mein ghee dalain aur isy darmiyani aanch par garam kar lin. Is mein ilachi k beej dal din aur aik mint tak bhon lin takh khushbo anay lag jaye.
  20. Ab is mein pisi hoi daal dal din.
  21. Isay darmiyani sy halki aanch par tab tak bhon lin jab tak is mein sy dodh achi trah khushk na ho jaye. Chamach musalsal hilaty rahain, 3-4 minutes mein dal mein sy dodh khushk ho jaye ga aur ye ghee jazab kar lay gi.
  22. Ab is mein pisi hoi khajor dal kar milain.
  23. Dal mein sy achi khushbo anay tak mixture ko bhonain. Chamach musalsal hilaty rahain,
  24. jab halwa ghee chor day to ye mukamal bhun gya hy.
  25. Ab is mein khushak meway, cheeni aur kishmish dalain aur mila lin. Aik mint tak mazid pakain aur mazedar khajor ka halwa tayar hay.

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