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Kids Special No Bake Oreo Cups with Oreo Shake

..Kids Special No Bake Oreo Cups with Oreo Shake
  • Serves: 5 People
  • Prep Time: 20 Minutes
  • Cooking: 1 Minutes
  • Calories: 422
  • Difficulty: easy

A dessert is going to be amazing if it uses oreos, that's why here I am sharing with you the recipe of a kids special no bake oreo cups wth oreo shake. Oreos are a delightful mouthwatering explosion of joy that makes your taste buds tingle with excitement. The chocolaty crunchy goodness of oreos combined with smooth silky oreo milkshake with fancy oreo cups is the perfect dessert for your kids for all occasions. These no bake oreo cups are individual size dessert and shake which means it requires alot less efforts and preparation. There are many recipes of oreo cups on internet that requires cream cheese but my recipe is a bit different. It only involves cream of the oreos and very few other ingredients. 

On the other hand milkshakes are a classic delicious frosty treat that are usually served at diners or even fast food favorites like burger king, Dairy Queen etc. With its creamy texture and cookie crunch Oreo milkshake is full of flavors and make kids fond of it. It is also very popular among adults as a great refreshing summer time treat. Topped with extra oreos these no bake oreo cups and oreo shake adds extra crunch and indulgence.



  1. ____________ For No Bake Oreo Cups ____________

  2. Remove Cream from oreo biscuits and keep aside for later use in shake.

  3. In a chopper or food processor add oreo biscuits, chop until crumbled well.

  4. Add caster sugar and butter, run the processor again till well combined.

  5. Now take silicon molds of cups, take a portion of oreo mixture and and make a ball with it.

  6. Place this oreo ball inside the silicon mold, press gently with another mold to form a cup like shape.

  7. Put this silicon mold in the freezer for 30 minutes for a firm oreo cup. Repeat the same process with complete oreo mixture, with this much amount you will get 4 oreo cups easily.

  8. After the time remove oreo shots/cups from mold.

  9. Dip the rims of oreo shorts glasses in cream and then in oreo crumbs to give a smooth and fine look.

  10. ___________ For Oreo Milkshake ______________

  11. In a blender add oreo biscuits along with reserved oreo biscuit cream.

  12. Add fresh cream, milk and blend well. (If required you may add sugar for a more sweeter version of shake). 

  13. Pour this oreo shake in the oreo cups/shots.

  14. Kids special no bake oreo cups with oreo shake are ready to enjoy. 

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