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Suji ka Halwa

..Suji ka Halwa
  • Serves: 5 People
  • Prep Time: 5 Minutes
  • Cooking: 30 Minutes
  • Calories: 485
  • Difficulty: easy

One of the traditional desserts of subcontinent is suji ka halwa that can give tough competition to best of the best sweets on the table. However taste and flavor of this aromatic dessert is not the only thing that makes it best but the quick preparation and few ingredients in cooking can help you entertain your guests on short notice. Suji or semolina dessert also called rava halwa or sheera is a delicious pudding that must be tried by everyone. 

Moreover if you like the taste of caramel then you are here for a treat as I am sharing here recipe of caramelized suji halwa. This caramel suji halwa or suji ka danedar halwa has a distinctive caramel flavor that takes the taste factor to high level. This suji halwa also gets its golden color from that caramel. The halwa will get ready in minutes as the suji will be soaked before cooking. The only time this halwa will take is for preparing caramel. 



  1. Sift suji (semolina) and soak it in milk.

  2. Put a pan over low heat and add ghee in it. Let the ghee melt completely.

  3. Add sugar in it, give a stir, let the sugar melt completely over very low flame. Keep in mind the flame should be low and let the sugar melt and caramelized slowly as it can burn easily over medium or high flame. 

  4. In 10-15 minutes the sugar will be completely melted and caramelized. 

  5. Now give a stir to soaked suji (semolina) and add it in the melted sugar.

  6. Stir quickly as the sugar will become stiff like toffee after adding semolina in it. Be careful as the milk/water in suji may will cause splutter.

  7. When suji is mixed with sugar let it cook for about 10 minutes more so that suji may be completely cooked. (drain the excess ghee after roasting the suji). 

  8. Add chopped nuts and raisins give a stir and turn off the flame.

  9. Easy and with caramle taste suji ka halwa is ready to enjoy. 

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