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Tater Tots

..Tater Tots
  • Serves: 7 People
  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes
  • Cooking: 10 Minutes
  • Calories: 324
  • Difficulty: easy

Deeply golden, crispy exterior that gives way to tender and creamy interior, tater tots are not the thing that can be enjoyed in moderation. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking potatoes. With a subtle hint of seasoning, these bite size nuggets, I mean tater tots are pure bliss. Although tater tots can be easily found on stores but making these kids friendly snacks is a whole lot easier than i imagined. There is absolutely no fancy equipment required and you need just few basic ingredients that you might have in your kitchen already. From the crave worthy crispy outside to a fluffy center, these tater tots are everything you loved about. With this simple recipe of tater tots you can create endless variety of your own like with cheese, onion, jalapeno, chopped BBQ or so on. and lastly these tater tots are freeze so well so you can make these, add into freeze and fry whenever require. A tasty lunch box and tiffin idea for kids.



  1. In a pot with cold water add the potatoes, we need to partially boil the potatoes so we will cook for about 6 minutes. The outer layer of potato should be cooked but inner should be uncooked, means partially boiled potatoes.

  2. Strain the potatoes, and add into a food processor. If you do not have chopper/food processor you may do the process with the back of fork as well.

  3. Pulse for 2-3 times for few seconds, the potatoes should be crushed not mushy. Take these out on a plate.

  4. Add salt, black pepper powder, garlic powder, onion powder. Incorporate these well with potatoes.

  5. Place a parchment paper over a plate, scoop out the portion of potatoes with a spoon, press and shape it with your fingers to a tot. If the mixture feels to sticky grease your hands with oil and then shape it.

  6. Put the plate in freezer for 2-4 hours, the tots should be frozen hard before frying.(you may store these after freezing by adding into a zip lock bag).

  7. Heat cooking oil over medium heat and add these frozen tater tots in it. The temperature of oil will get down as the tots will be frozen so turn the flame to medium high. Do not over fill the pan as well.

  8. Let the tots cooked for 1-2 minutes or till they turn golden from below, then flip the side. we need to cook these for about 5-6 minutes.

  9. Transfer these to a paper towel after frying.

  10. ________Tips: Do not boil the potatoes for more than 6 minutes, keep an eye after 5 minutes. We do not need completely cooked potatoes.

  11. You may grate the potatoes after par boiling.

  12. Spices are not necessary for tater tots that's why i mentioned these as optional, only salt will taste good for these as well.

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