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5 Minute Hot Chocolate Cake In Microwave

..5 Minute Hot Chocolate Cake In Microwave
  • Serves: 5 People
  • Prep Time: 5 Minutes
  • Cooking: 5 Minutes
  • Calories: 1943
  • Difficulty: easy

I love microwave cooking as it saves a lot of time and efforts. I shared many microwave recipes on my website already that are dorm friendly and anyone can make. This recipe is one of those recipes. Today we are making this amazing, moist chocolate cake smothered in hot chocolate, perfect for holidays or when you just cannot wait for your cake to cool. This takes 5 minutes to make and you can serve this immediately. Have it with some vanilla ice cream on the side and you will love it. If you like gooey chocolate cake you have to try this. The combination of moist cake with hot chocolate is amazing. Make this 5 minute hot chocolate cake in microwave and you will fall in love with it. Again I forgot to mention that its an egg-less microwave chocolate cake so everyone can easily have it.

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  1. First prepare the butter milk. In warm milk add lemon juice give a mix and let it rest until the milk turns to butter milk. ( we need warm butter milk for this recipe).

  2. Sift the dry ingredients. Put a strainer on the mixing bowl. Add all purpose flour, baking soda, cocoa powder and strain all these well.

  3. Add a pinch of salt along with sugar, give a mix to every thing.

  4. Ad the prepared butter milk in dry ingredients along with melted butter, vanilla and give a mix to everything. We need a smooth lump free batter. Our cake batter is ready.

  5. Grease a microwave safe 8 or 9 inch container and place a baking paper in the bottom.

  6. Pour the prepared cake batter in cake mold, tap it few times to remove the air bubbles from it.

  7. Bake it in the microwave on high powder for 5-8 minutes. The baking time may vary depending on microwave and the container you are using for baking. As I am using thin plastic container my cake took 5 minutes for baking. The most it will take will be 8 minutes and do not over bake it.

  8. Let the cake rest in the same container for 5 minutes, then run a knife around and take the cake out on a wire stand. Let it cool down.

  9. ________________ For Italian Hot Chocolate ______________

  10. In a mixing bowl add cocoa powder, corn flour, sugar, a pinch of salt and gradually add little bit of milk to make a slurry. This will help to avoid lumps in your hot chocolate.

  11. Put a pan on low medium heat and add remaining milk along with prepared chocolate slurry while whisking continuously.

  12. Let the mixture simmer and when it just came to boil the hot chocolate is ready, do not over cook it. You will notice at this stage that the mixture is thicken a bit.

  13. Take it off the heat and it will be thin and boiling hot at this stage. Let it cool down a bit for 5 minutes and it will be thicken more.

  14. Pour the prepared hot chocolate on cake and let the excess drip.

  15. Moist, egg-less 5 minutes hot chocolate cake is ready to enjoy.

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