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Badam Ka Halwa

Desserts 1768
Badam Ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Badam Ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Badam Ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Badam Ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Badam Ka Halwa-niftyfoodz Badam Ka Halwa-niftyfoodz
  • Serves: 5 People
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking: 30 Minutes
  • Calories: 282
  • Difficulty: easy

Sweets like halwa not only prepared during festival times but also during winter seasons. Badam ka halwa or almond fudge is a delight full experience for all sweet lovers. Badam halwa is a classical recipe very common in subcontinent of Pakistan and India. Although badam ka halwa recipe does not involves too much ingredients but it requires a lot of patience and continuous stirring so it may not stick or burn to the pan. But it is worth for trying recipe as the halwa is not only delicious but full of energy and health. I give a step by step recipe with picture of this healthy and delicious badam ka halwa for easy understanding. You can also give this to children during winter for their brain power and good health. This all time favorite is of course is a bit rich so you cannot have more than few spoons at a time. Worry not because you can store this Pakistani style badam ka halwa safely into the freezer and have some everyday especially in the winters.



  1. Soak almonds in water for 4-5 hours or over night and then peel off.
  2. Put the peeled almonds in a jug and also add milk in it. Blend well to make a coarse paste of these almonds (same consistency as of soji or semolina).
  3. Put a heavy bottom wok or pan on medium flame and add butter or ghee in it.
  4. Add the prepared almond mixture in it and cook it for 5 minutes. Remember we need to stir the mixture continuously so that the halwa should not stick to the pan.
  5. After 5 minutes the mixture will release aroma and change its color.
  6. Now add in ilaichi (cardamom) powder and sugar, stir constantly. Cook for 5 minutes so that sugar could melt properly.
  7. After 5 minutes the color of halwa will look like soji/semolina halwa. Turn the heat to medium to low and continue cooking while stirring constantly. At one stage, as the liquid in the mixture begins to dry up, it will bubble and splash, so be very careful while stirring the mixture as droplets can burn you badly. It might help to wear an oven glove to protect your hand from the splatters during this stage.
  8. Cook it for another 10 minutes or until the oil released from halwa and start to leave the pan. You will know the halwa is ready when it no longer sticks to the pan at all. In fact, when you look at the bottom of the pan, it will be clean.
  9. Take it out of the pan and garnish with almonds for serving.

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Badam ka halwa recipe almond fudge recipe Pakistani style badam ka halwa recipe