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Dhokla Premix

..Dhokla Premix
  • Serves: 2 People
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking: 1 Minutes
  • Calories: 375
  • Difficulty: easy

Many of the recipes you make frequently can be divided into premixes that can be stored in multiple quantities for quick and easy cooking. When you want to make your favorite recipe, just combine the stored premix ingredients and finish the recipe quickly. Premix or instant mix is like a boxed mix you would buy at the store, but this one will be made in your own kitchen. It's also similar to the cookie/soup jar gifts that were popular a while ago. You can also gift this homemade premix to your loved ones.

Measure out multiple quantities of premixed ingredients and store the prepared premix with a copy of the recipe so that whenever required you could prepare it easily. Many types of recipes can be mixed ahead, such as cake mix, cookie dough premix, many Indian snacks and chutney recipes, etc. Breakfast premix is perfect for kids away from family, who have to cook themselves, premix is just a lifesaver, and you can enjoy your favorite fresh homemade breakfast in just 30 minutes. When you have the time to do the preparation you might as well do multiple quantities. Later when you have less time, you can enjoy the homemade recipe as the premix will come in handy.

Dhokla is a savory dish, commonly made in most Gujarati homes. If you ever visit Gujarat, you will find dhokla at every other shop. It is considered as one of the staple foods of Gujarat. Traditionally dhokla is prepared in steamer or streaming method but there is another version where we use dhokla with dhokla premix . As winter is coming, it would be a great idea to make this dhokla premix ahead to give your morning a boost.

Dhokla premix is a type of atta (flour) recipe that you will commonly find in many Gujarati homes. Gujrati mostly keep a stock of this flour in their kitchen to make dhokla anytime. With this recipe you can learn how to make Dhokla at home in a quick and easy way. They are instant and you can make dhoklas in less than 15 minutes with no required fermentation. Making Khaman Dhokla is very quick and almost fuss-free, besides, it tastes irresistible.



  1. In gram flour add semolina, sugar, eno, citric acid and salt. Mix everything well.

  2. Dhokla premix is ready, store in any airtight container. You may use it for up to 2 months.

  3. _____________ For Preparing Dhokla with Dhokla Mix _______________

  4. In a mixing bowl add dhokla premix, add cooking oil in it.

  5. Gradually add water in this premix and combine well. You will see the bubbles as you will add the water in it as we have added eno in it. 

  6. We need a smooth lumps free batter and you will notice it became light and airy after mixing.

  7. Grease a 6" baking pan with oil, pour the dhokla batter in it. If you feel the pan is small use 2 pans. 

  8. In a steamer or pot add 3 cups of water, put a wire stand in it. Make sure the water starts to boil before placing dhokla mould.

  9. Then put the tin of dhokla mixture over this stand, cover the lid and steam cook dhokla for 15 minutes. 

  10. After the time check the dhokla and you will find dhokla has become spongy and fluffy. Insert a toothpick or skewer like we check the cake, if it comes out clean dhokla is ready. Take it out of steamer and cool it for 5 minutes.

  11. Meanwhile prepare the tempering for dhokla. 

  12. Add some oil in a pan and heat it.

  13. Then add mustard seeds and let it splutter for few seconds.

  14. Then add green chilies in it.

  15. Add water and cook it till it comes to boil. (You may add sugar as well in the tempering at this stage). Tempering is ready.

  16. After 5 minutes run a knife around the corners of the dhokla pan, flip it over the plate and take dhokla out of mould.

  17. Pour prepared tempering over the dhokla and spread all around. Keep in mind the tempering should be hot so that dhokla could soak it.

  18. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

  19. Cut into slices and dhokla is ready to serve.

  20. ______________ Note: Run the dhokla premix in a mixi or grinder to get a lumps free and evenly mixed premix.

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