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Karachi Bun Kabab Recipe

..Karachi Bun Kabab Recipe
  • Serves: 13 People
  • Prep Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cooking: 30 Minutes
  • Calories: 493
  • Difficulty: medium

This is a unique recipe of Karachi bun Kabab. The kabab in this recipe is made without any meat. the recipe yields 12 burgers but for describing the method assembling process of only one bun kabab is shared here.



  1. For Chatni___
  2. Add 3/4 cup water in imli and let it soak till completely moist. mash it with hands and strain the pulp through a strainer.
  3. Put coriander and mint leaves in a blending jar and put salt, chili flakes, green chilies in it. add some water and grind it well until a paste form.
  4. Add this paste into the imli pulp . Put amchor powder in this and mix well. Chatni for bun kabab is ready keep it aside.
  5. Wash dal channa and put in a pot.
  6. Add 3-4 cups of water along with salt, garam masalha powder, chili powder, cumin seeds, chili flakes, sliced onion and ginger garlic.
  7. Let dal cook until it gets tender.
  8. Now dry the remaining water of dal on medium heat and after that let it cool a bit. You will notice that after cooling a bit mixture of dal has became very thick.
  9. Add this mixture into the chopper along with green chilies, mint & coriander leaves, slices of onion.
  10. Grind everything well until a paste formed. We need to grind dal when it is still warm not completely cold otherwise it will not come to paste thickness and grinding will also be tough.
  11. You can taste masalha of dal at this stage and adjust salt, chilies and garam masalah as per your taste.
  12. Make kabab or burgur tiki from the paste and place them on a tray covered with cling flim or plastic wrap so that kabab should not stick to the tray.
  13. Cover the tray immediately or the kababs will become dry.
  14. ___For Assembling Bun Kabab___
  15. Beat the egg, add salt and dip the kabab in it. fry it in hot pan till become golden brown.
  16. Fry the remaining egg along with kabab. press the kabab gently from both sides to spread it as per the size of bun.
  17. Then take burger bun and roast them in the same pan with remaining little bit oil in the pan.
  18. Take kabab, fried egg and bun out of the pan.
  19. Put some prepared chatni on one side of bun, place fried kabab and egg on it. Then put lettuce leaf, onion rings, tomato and cucumber rings on it.
  20. Put some sauce on the second side of bun too and place it on burger.
  21. Burger is ready to serve.

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