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Kids Special Bread Pops

..Kids Special Bread Pops
  • Serves: 13 People
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking: 1 Minutes
  • Calories: 1868
  • Difficulty: easy

Bread pops are a bit different from cake pops but amazingly delicious and easy to make. Every time we have bread for breakfast, at least the quarter portion of the lot gets wasted. Because of this wastage I started to look out for different ways to cut down this wastage. If nothing I just make bread crumbs and store in an airtight jar. I normally cake pops whenever I bake or get the cake from outside. But this time I thought why not make bread pops and surprisingly these chocolate bread pops turned out delicious. 

If you are planning for a party and looking for easy dessert recipes then this recipe is one for sure. This kids special bread pops recipe is quick and uses only few ingredients. Kids would love these bread pops for sure and you will definitely be praised for making something so fancy.



  1. In a food processor add bread slices and grind to make crumbs with it. Take these crumbs in a bowl.

  2. Add melted butter in these crumbs and give a mix with light hands.

  3. Add chocolate spread in this crumbs mixture, give this a good mix as we need to make a tight dough with it.

  4. Add powdered sugar and combine it as well. The crumbs will form into tight dough, taste it for sweetness and add more sugar if required. 

  5. Take a small portion and make ball with it. Repeat the same process with complete mixture. This recipe will give you 12 bread pops.

  6. Melt dark chocolate with double boiler method or in microwave with 30 seconds interval till a smooth consistency.

  7. Take the lollipop stick and dip its one end in the melted dark chocolate. Then pierce this chocolate coated end in the bread pops. Do the similar process for all bread pops.

  8. Keep it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to set these better.

  9. Take each bread pop one by one and coat in the melted chocolate, shake out the excess and then coat with sprinkles of different colors and shapes as per your choice.

  10. Put the bread pops in Styrofoam or thermophore or in a glass so that the chocolate may set properly. Do this process with rest of bread pops.

  11. Perfect party and kids special recipe of bread pops is ready to enjoy.

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