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Mash ki Dal

Mash ki Dal-niftyfoodz Mash ki Dal-niftyfoodz
  • Serves: 7 People
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cooking: 40 Minutes
  • Calories: 139
  • Difficulty: easy

If you’re a Pakistani and anything like the Pakistani family I grew up in, you’ll know that we do heartily reach for the chicken and meat dishes much more than the vegetarian options. Daal is wonderful side dish to serve alongside any non-vegetarian dish to tone down the meatiness as well as get a greater variety of proteins into your body. Beans have so many variations and mash ki dal or urad dal is commonly used beans type in India and Pakistan. This recipe of khari mash ki daal or mash ki dany dar dal is immensely popular throughout Pakistan and is cooked with onions and spices.
We enjoy this with coriander chutney, onion salad and chappatis.



  1. In a bowl add daal and water and soak it for almost 4 hours or overnight.
  2. No add dal,namak, tomatar puree, lal mirch powder, haldi, zeera, dhanya powder, lahsan adrak paste, mix everything well and put it on medium flame. Do not strain daal or even add extra water in it.
  3. Now when daal cam to boil add hari mirch in it.
  4. Half cover the pan so that water could evaporate easily from daal.
  5. Now prepare tarka.
  6. In a frying pan add cooking oil and piyaz in it.
  7. Fry piyaz on medium flame, when the color of onions change or sides turns to brown add sabut lal mirch in it.
  8. When piyaz turns to golden brown shade add this tarka in dal. Before adding tarka check water of dal if its almost dried then add tarka.
  9. Give a mix, fully cover the pan, lower the flame to last point, put the pan on a tawa and steam cook dal now so that it could get tender completely. This will take about 15-20 minutes.
  10. After the time uncover the pan, add hara dhanya in it and dish out to serve with roti or naan.
  11. _______________Note. Mash daal usually sticks to the pan so try to use a non stick pot for this recipe.

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