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Suji ka Tukri Halwa

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Suji ka Tukri Halwa-niftyfoodz Suji ka Tukri Halwa-niftyfoodz
  • Serves: 6 People
  • Prep Time: 5 Minutes
  • Cooking: 12 Minutes
  • Calories: 285
  • Difficulty: easy

Soji ka tukri halwa or soji ki katli or suji ki barfi is a famous sweet of Pakistan with so many different names. Usually people consider it tough to be made at home because of its sugar syrup consistency. I searched a lot of recipes and tried some as well but all are difficult to handle for biggeners, This recipe is very easy and simple with basic and few ingredients to how to make suji ka tukri halwa at home easily. It does not required one string or two string consistency of sugar syrup we just need to melt the sugar and just thick it a little bit. We use half of the water from quantity of sugar that's why the syrup will automatically thickened until the sugar dissolves completely. It is a quick to make sweet dish and you can even store it in any airtight jar for 15 days to 1 month. I hope you will enjoy it.



  1. First prepare the serving mold and grease it with ghee or oil, spread some chopped dry almonds and pistachios in it. Put it aside and start preparing the halwa.
  2. In a pan add sugar and water and put it on medium flame for making syrup. We just need to melt the sugar, this recipe does not required one strain or two strain consistency of syrup.
  3. While syrup is preparing in another wok add half of ghee (means 1/4 cup of ghee) and let it heat on medium flame.
  4. When ghee melts turn the heat to low and add suji (semolina) in it.
  5. Fry the semolina for 7-8 minutes, and add coconut and cardamom powder in it. Let it fry again for 2-3 minutes more.
  6. Turn off the flame and the sugar syrup that will be thickened and prepared by now add it into the roasted semolina. Add the remaining half ghee in the semolina and quickly combine everything well.
  7. Turn the flame on and cook the mixture on low flame for 3 minutes. The halwa will start leaving the pan and this mean it is ready.
  8. Turn off the flame and quickly pour the halwa into prepared serving dish. Smooth the surface with spatula.
  9. Let the halwa cool down for 5 minutes, the halwa will be still hot but hard a bit so mark it with the knife for cutting.
  10. Leave it to properly cool down for 10 more minutes.
  11. Soji ki katli or tukri halwa is ready to serve in plait.
  12. ________________Urdu Recipe__________________
  13. Sab sy pahlay jis bartan mein halwa nikalna hay usy ghee ya tail laga kar tayar kar lin. Phir us mein katy hoye pistay aurbadam chirak din aur usy aik taraf rakh din. Ab halwa bnana shuro karin.
  14. Aik pateelay ya bartan mein cheeni aur pani dal kar darmiyani aanch par sheera banny ky lye charha din. Is recipe mein hamin ai tar ya do tar ka sheera nh chahye sirf cheeni pighlani hay.
  15. Aik traf sheera charha kar dosri taraf aik karhai mein adha ghee dalain (ham ny half cup lia to us mein sy adha dalain) aur darmiyani aanch par garam kar lin.
  16. Jab ghee garam ho jaye to aanch bilkul halkimkar k us mein soji dal din. 7-8 minute tak soji ko achi trah bhon lin. Us k bad is mein pisa hoa khopra aur ilaichi powder dal kar 2-3 minute tak mazid bhon lin.
  17. Ab cholha band kar din and sheera jo is time tak garha ho chuka hoga usy utha kar soji mein dal din. Adha ghee jo ham ny bacha k rakha tha wo bh soji ein milain aur jaldi sy sb kch achi tarah mila lin.
  18. Cholha jalain aur mazid 3 minute tak halki aanch par sab kch paka lin.
  19. Halwa bartan ko chorny lag jaye ga aur ye nishani hay k halwa tayar hay.
  20. Cholha band kar din aur jaldi sy halwa ghee lagi hoi plait ya bartan mein nikalain. Chamach ya spatula ki madad sy halway ki shape ko set kr lin.
  21. Halway ko 5 minute k lye thanda honay din, ye abhi garam to hoga mgr thora sa sakht ho gaya hoga tab is mein churi ki madad sy jaisay katny hy us traha k nishan laga lin.
  22. Mukamal thanda honay k lye 10 minute mazid chor din.
  23. Soji ka tukri halwa tayar hay plait mein nikal kar paish karain.

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