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Unique Samosa and Roll Patti Recipe

..Unique Samosa and Roll Patti Recipe
  • Serves: 101 People
  • Prep Time: 60 Minutes
  • Cooking: 30 Minutes
  • Calories: 2500
  • Difficulty: easy

Manda patti, samosa patti or spring roll sheets is surely a handy ingredient to keep especially in Ramzan. We Pakistani have a tradition of eating samosa and spring rolls in Aftar after a day long fast. Small size samosa are even very common as a tea time snack. You can make sweet, vegetarian, non vegetarian or any other kind of samosa as per your choice. Come up with your interesting creation of filling, stuff it into the patti and deep fry to make yummy snack like samosa or spring roll. There are many interesting ways to use frozen patti. Some people also deep fry this patti to make it crispy and use it into the chat as papri chat. 

Today I am sharing the recipe of how to make samosa and spring roll patti at home and also how to store this homemade samosa patti. Just keep in mind do not over cook each side of the patti as it is meant to be under-cooked. If you over cook it you cannot make good samosa with it later. Once done you can cool these completely and store in any airtight bag in the freezer for around 2-3 months. Check the recipe below, try and enjoy!



  1. Strain the flour through a strainer well.

  2. Put this flour in the bowl and add salt in it. Mix it in the flour and then make a well in the middle.

  3. Gradually add the water in it and knead the flour like we knead for roti. It should be kneaded hard not soft.

  4. Knead the flour for 10 minutes, cover it and let it rest for 30 minutes.

  5. After the time knead it again for few seconds and then make even size small balls. Dust some flour in the tray and place all the balls in it. Cover these with kitchen towel and start rolling one by one.

  6. Dust some flour on the work surface and roll a ball into small size roti first. Roll out 5 balls first into small roties for next step.

  7. Take a roti and brush some oil over it, dust some flour on it and put another roti on it. Repeat the same process again and make a stack of 5 roti.Do not brush the oil or flour over the top surface of last roti.

  8. Roll all the balls like this into roti and make other stack of 5 roties each in the same way. 

  9. Now roll the stack again as thinly as possible, dust some flour on the surface to avoid sticking.

  10. With the help of roller cut the round shape of roti stack into a rectangular shape. Put the remaining dough aside we will use it again by making a ball and  repeating the same process of roti making.

  11. Then cut into samosa sheets or spring roll sheets size as per your choice.

  12. Put a tawa (griddle) on the low to medium flame to pre-heat.

  13. Put cut sheets on the heated tawa and cook the first side for 30 seconds on low to medium flame. Turn the side and cook for 30 seconds more from other side.Do this process for all the sheet stacks.

  14. Take away from the pan or tawa and start to separate each sheet while these are still warm.

  15. Pack the sheets immediately in any zip lock bag so that they may not turn hard.

  16. Repeat the same process for complete dough and the remaining dough that we cut as the edges from our uncooked sheets.

  17. easy and homemade spring roll and samosa patti is ready. Freeze these sheets and you may use these for around 2-3 months. With this quantity of flour you can make 100 samosa patti easily.

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